10th marathi rasgrahan pdf free download

10th marathi rasgrahan pdf 

10th Marathi Rasgrahan pdf (Marathi Rasgrahan) is the literacy of the art of translating specific issues of Rasashastra into Marathi. It is accompanied by an exploration of the creative uses of poetry, drama, song, or other artistic versions. especially.

  1. Bhaktiras: This process of rasagrahana for the chapters of the Bhagavad Gita where Krishna quotes Arjuna from the crisis of his feelings of devotion should be given to us through the structure of our speaking art.
  2. Sringarika Rasa: This Rasa Grahana soon has the status of structure of dialogues of love feeling or necessity of marriage.
  3. Veer Rasa: In Veer Rasagrahana, there is the condition of the structure of the feelings of adventure and anger of warriors in the battlefield.
  4. Karuna Rasa: In Karuna Rasa Grahaana, there is a state of structure of emotions inherent in a person’s tragic or painful situation.
  5. Hasya Rasa: In Hasam Rasagrahana, the condition of the structure of the emotion of laughter, we are taken in versions of the art of laughing.
  6. Horrible Rasa: In Horrible Rasagrahaana, there is fear which makes the person afraid.
  7. Wonderful Rasa: In wonderful rasagrahana, we feel a unique, impersonal and unrecognized creation.

Marathi rasagrahan is based on the perceptual part of the art and is divided according to the main work of art. The process of rasagrahana is very important in pilgrimage artefacts, as it is based on the olfactory part of the art.

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